The rise of data scientist bootcamps in the US

Organizations are increasingly collecting and using large amounts of data. However, data alone lacks value. It has to be turned into information to have value, and it is data scientists who are responsible for making that happen.

Data scientists are in exceptionally high demand across all industry sectors, in the US along 2.7 million data scientist jobs will need to be filled by end of 2020 but there’s a shortage of people with the experience to fill the role.

Increased demand for data scientists

Data scientists, data engineers and business analysts are among the most sought-after positions in America. In fact, job postings for these roles have risen by 256% since December 2013, more than tripling and is set to continue.

Despite this boom in data scientist job openings, the supply of skilled applicants is growing at a slower pace. In New York alone, there was a shortage of almost 30,000 data scientists between 2015-2018.

The short of the story is the educational system isn’t producing enough data scientists (which isn’t surprising given the specialist nature of the role) so a change in tact is needed to meet demand.


Can bootcamps combat the shortage of talent?

Data science bootcamps were introduced as a creative solution to combat the talent shortage. The data science market has been flooded with an array of bootcamps, courses and e-learning options that offer professionals the chance to brush up on their skills.

Targeted at those with a or PhD in a STEM subject, data science bootcamps shouldn’t be viewed as a shortcut into the industry. They provide an affordable solution to those wanting to learn about extracting data using both analytical and programming skills. They offer individuals the chance to upskill and can also act as a refresher for those having returned to the industry after a period of absence. They’re proven to help ease the transition.

By the end of the course, students are expected to understand the techniques and processes behind data science and how these can be used to add value to an organization. One bootcamp operator, Galvanize, has an 85% placement rate, highlighting how these courses can give job applicants an upper hand.

Some industry experts do argue however, that the role of a data scientist requires a significant amount of education and training on the job therefore bootcamps aren’t able to provide enough training to enable individuals to be able to do the many tasks expected of a data scientist.

Top 5 data science bootcamps in New York

We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 favorite bootcamps in New York that will help you launch a career data science:

NYC Data Science Academy

12 weeks

With a 5-star rating, this course is designed to prepare students for a career in data science and covers all things from Python and data analysis & visualization to machine learning, deep learning and Big Data.

Metis Data Science Bootcamp


The first and only accredited data science bootcamp in New York, Metis offer a diverse course that teaches the fundaments of data science with a huge curriculum that offers insights into all aspects of data science and machine learning.

General Assembly

12 weeks

Offering expert-led training on coding, data, design, digital marketing and much more, this course is targeted at individuals or entire workforces. It’s easily accessible on campus or online, offering flexibility.

Insight Data Science


This is an advanced bootcamp targeted at those with a post-doctoral degree and aims to bridge the gap between academia and data science. It’s free however, you have to be invited and have existing programming experience.


13-weeks full time

Targeted at those wanting to quickly launch or advance their tech careers, this course covers the fundamentals of data science. Experience in Python is required but you’re not required to have an or PhD in a STEM subject – ideal if you want to change career.

With the role of a data scientist being named the best job in America based on salary, number of job openings and job satisfaction, it’s not surprise that data science bootcamps continue to grow in popularity.

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