The highest paying tech jobs in 2019

Tech. You get into it because you’re passionate about it and the current rate of digital transformation excites you – and because it means earning a sizable salary. The industry has earnt itself the reputation as one of the best to work in, and a recent Best Places to Work list revealed that it pays the average global worker $135,000 a year.

As in most industries, it’s specialists who earn the most in the tech industry. Be it in fintech, MedTech or AgTech, those who specialist in a particular system or science are the ones that blue-chip companies and ambitious SMEs want on the books to stay ahead of the curve.

Simply put, businesses need talent and they’re willing to pay to get it. How much? Feast your eyes on the highest paying tech jobs in 2019.

1. Software Engineering Manager

Average salary: $163,500

The role of a Software Engineering Manager consists of creating new computer software or improving existing computer programs, to determine the feasibility of a software’s operations and finding solutions to any issues that arise. They also oversee a team of software engineers or developers.

2. Data Warehouse Architect

Average salary: $154,800

A data warehouse architect designs how a businesses information is stored securely. They are responsible for the large store of information a business accumulates to make strategic management decisions. They do this by considering the technologies and tools that will best help an organization extract, transform and utilize the data.

3. Software Development Manager

Average salary: $153,300

Whilst overseeing a team of software developers, software development managers make the applications that allow people to perform specific computer and other smart device tasks, as well as the underlying systems that run the devices or control networks.

4. Infrastructure Architect

Average salary: $153,000

Infrastructure Architects require extensive knowledge of an organizations so they are able to create a network that is able to assist the company. They do this by designing and building a data communication network and information system that to be able to support an organization.

5. Applications Architect

Average salary: $153,000

Applications architects design and improve existing computer, smartphone and other devices’ applications for consumers to use. They run software testing, create product prototypes and write manuals relating to application development.

6. Software Architect

Average salary: $145,400

This role shares similarities to that of an enterprise architect, a software architect functions as a software developer who makes high-level decisions. They set the technical standards for an organization, which ranges from the coding languages used to other required platforms.

7. Technical Program Manager

Average salary: $145,000

Technical program managers are responsible for handling a company’s technical project’s journey from start to finish. They achieve this by managing a team and ensuring that they initiate the program, track progress and provide support if issues arise.

8. Enterprise Architect

Average salary: $144,400

The role of an enterprise architect comprises of managing the communication between the business side of a company and its IT team. They are responsible for ensuring that a businesses aims are met and supported by the IT strategy.

9. DevOps Engineer

Average salary: $137,400

Working with developers, operators and other members of the IT team, DevOps engineers oversee the deployment of new software. They help a business to release changes to a product quickly and then incorporate the feedback about such changes.

10. Information Security Engineer

Average salary: $131,300

Information security engineers investigate security violations or potential breaches that arise and plan and implement the security measures necessary to protect an organization from a cyber attack or security breach.

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